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Rob is a consummate professional and would be a great addition to any editorial team. He’s discerning, thoughtful, clear and fair, and he has great style as a journalist. He's also a delight to work with. He managed a group of freelance arts & entertainment writers for several years at the Banner and made a tremendous contribution to our news department as well. As a freelancer he's extremely dependable, innovative when it comes to searching out new stories, and he's a great communicator. I would highly recommend him.

— Kaimi Rose Lum, current editor in chief, Provincetown Banner

Rob Phelps worked for me [as arts editor] for three and a half years at the Provincetown Banner. He was a dream to work with. He’s a talented writer and has a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility. I look forward to having an opportunity to work with him again.

— Sally Rose, former editor in chief, Provincetown Banner

Rob Phelps, former Art and Entertainment Editor at the Provincetown Banner (a weekly whose unusually comprehensive arts coverage spans Broadway stars to regional playwrights, actors and visual artists) continues to be much esteemed by his team of freelancers, me among them. Not only is he an exceptionally articulate writer able to cover a broad span of topics and genres (with special strengths in theater and literature), Rob is also a people person, patient and gracious, rare qualities in a field where outsize egos are common. Rob has it all: he is an excellent writer and careful editor who also forges strong and positive relationships, all the while exhibiting unusual grace, even in high-pressure situations. 

— Susan Rand Brown, 
Art history professor, New England-based journalist, for Provincetown Banner                                                                                                             

Rob Phelps was my editor at The Provincetown Banner for four years. Discussing a story with him was creative paradise. His ideas inspired me to dig deeper, stretch further and find solutions I never imagined I would discover. He is generous with his time, always kind, precise and tactful. Best editor ever.

— Lynda Sturner, Journalist, for Provincetown Banner

As a freelance writer I have worked with a lot of editors. Amongst those many, Rob Phelps stands out as my all-time favorite. He's supportive, kind, and helped me to become a better writer. ... I have never worked for an editor who made me feel so appreciated, and his light editing touch always made my work sparkle. In journalism not every story we're assigned is an exciting adventure, yet I never said no to anything Rob sent my way because he was such a delight to work for. It was always worth it. Anyone who gets to work with him is very lucky indeed. 

— Candace Hammond, 
New England-based journalist, for Provincetown Banner

Rob Phelps is a brilliant manager and graceful under pressure. I worked tirelessly for him when he was the Arts and Entertainment Editor for the Provincetown Banner. He made me a much better writer and deepened my abilities as an arts professional.

—Laura Shabott, Provincetown writer, artist and actor, for Provincetown Banner

Development Editor

"This book would not have been possible without Development Editor Robert Phelps, who became a very dear friend during the process, and who placed his heart and soul in developing this book. Rob has worked tirelessly to make this project the best it can be, and spent countless hours reading, editing and revising the manuscript. We have gone through many ups and downs during this time, laughed and cried together, and endured many challenges. Rob, you have always been there for me through thick and thin, and personify the definition of a true friend and editor. I truly appreciate your support, assistance, encouragement, great advice and the nights and days you spent on this project.”

— Vibhavari Jani
Diversity in Design: Perspectives from Non-Western Cultures
(Kansas State University)
with contributing writers from India, China, Turkey, Nigeria, Algeria, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt
© 2011 Fairchild Books
Awarded the 2012 IDEC Book Award

A special thanks goes to Robert Phelps, our development editor, who has done a superb job editing our work while maintaining the integrity of our message. His guidance was instrumental to the creation of this textbook while his assistance was invaluable to its completion. He was always available for advice, and we could depend upon his sound judgment in the decisions we had to make to bring the textbook to fruition.”

— Gerald J. Sherman and Sar S. Perlman
Fashion Public Relations
(Sherman and Perlman, LLC)
© 2010 Fairchild Books

“Thank you to Robert Phelps, who was an amazing editor and coach. Your hard work and positive encouragement kept me going!”

— Shannon Burns
StyleWise: A Practical Guide to Becoming a Fashion Stylist
(International Academy of Art & Design, Tampa)
© 2013 Fairchild Books

“With Rob’s magic touch, the rest is history.”

— Ira Neimark
The Rise of Fashion and Lessons Learned at Bergdorf Goodman
 (former CEO, Bergdorf Goodman)
© 2011 Fairchild Books

“A special thanks goes to Rob for his great work as a reviewer and editor.”

— Linda L. Nussbaumer
Inclusive Design: A Universal Need
(South Dakota State University)
© 2011 Fairchild Books

“Rob Phelps, my development editor, with his invaluable enthusiasm, guidance, and skill, pushed me further than I thought I could every go with this project.”

— Pamela Powell
Tailored Fashion Design
(College of DuPage)
© 2010 Fairchild Books

“A very special thanks to Development Editor Rob Phelps. I love working with you. Meeting you is one of the gorgeous things that this book brought to my life. You are a friend.”

— Milva Fiorella di Lorenzo
Tailoring Techniques for Fashion 
(Miami International University of Art & Design)
© 2009 Fairchild Books

“Special appreciation to Rob Phelps for his ongoing support, words of encouragement, and the editorial magic that he performed.”

— Rose Mary Botti-Salitsky
Programming Research for Interior Designer
(Mount Ida College)
© 2009 Fairchild Books

“I extend my gratitude to Fairchild Books’ Development Editor Rob Phelps, my ‘editorial right hand.’ ”

— Marian Frances Wolbers
Uncovering Fashion 
(Albright College)
© 2009 Fairchild Books.

“Rob Phelps has made the entire process fun, engaging, and so very encouraging. He can turn a phrase into an absolute delight, stir immovable authors with his humor, and appreciate concepts and experiences in new ways.”

— Jeannie Ireland
The History of Interior Design
(Missouri State University)
© 2009 Fairchild Books.

“We could not have accomplished this task without the steady support of Robert Phelps, who carried our edits through with gentle probes for clarity.”

— Joanne B. Eicher, Sandra Lee Evenson, and Hazel A. Lutz
The Visible Self
(Michigan State University / University of Idaho)
© 2007 Fairchild Books

“We thank Rob Phelps, development editor, for his timely and professional guidance. His continued joy at times of uncertainty clearly kept us moving forward, not to mention his technical competence, which is extraordinary.”

— Janet Hethorn and Connie Ulasewicz
Sustainable Fashion: Why Now?
(University of Delaware and San Fransisco State University)
© 2008 Fairchild Books


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